Antonio Prigiobbo Profile

Antonio Prigiobbo


  • Degree in Industrial Design at Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli
  • Master in Audiovisual and Multimedia products Marketing – ANICA

Professional Profile

Expert in Design Management: strategical development, team building activity for planning, production and distribution of digital contents on different multimedia platforms and innovative digital technologies
In particular, he deals with

  • Design, Image, Vision and Brand Strategy
  • Crossmedia platforms development for e-learning
  • Social networks digital strategies for products crossmedia positioning on the info/edu/entertainment market
  • Business Professor in training courses for Digital Transformation

Work in Progress

NAStartUp Team Leader and Fouder

Most Significant Activities

Art & CoDesign with Giovanni Anceschi  –  InNoveTempi [2010]

The First Author in Italian for university textbooks on NewMedia [2000 Ed Ellissi] and OpenInnovation [2009 Ed Denaro Libri]

Temporary Manager for enterprises that require Innovatin

VulcanicaMente and CampaniaStartUp Community Coaching
Staff/Manager for Mayor and Councillor [Comune di Napoli]

Language knowledge:

English base written and verbal

Personal Interests

Design, Innovation, Knowledge Sharing, Graphic Design, Visual Art, ICT, mobile device